Http live streaming in FMS 4.5

FMS 4.5 has come up with support to deliver http live stream on the iOS devices. This is interesting step forward to cater multiple devices through a single FMS box. Solution provides easy-ness for the broadcasters to just publish single stream from their encoder and FMS will take care of delivering it to multiple platforms with different needs, for example, HDS stream on OSMF, HLS stream on iOS, and RTMP (+variants)

How it works:

  1. Encoder publishes live stream to FMS on livepkgr app. Say streamName : livestream, eventName: myevent
  2. Livepkgr app records the “livestream” in f4f format inside the event folder ( “myevent” here)
  3. Apache is used as the HTTP webserver for the HDS and HLS delivery.
  4. Apache can be configured for the f4f recording event path and content path in the apache configuration file, so that when it is asked for the HDS playlist (f4m) or HLS playlist (m3u8) or their content ts file or f4f fragments respectively , it know from where to pick and process the content from.
  5. Apache in FMS comes with two import module for the purpose mod_f4fhttp and mod_hlshttp. mod_f4fhttp welcomes request for the HDS playback while mod_hlshttp welcomes request for the HLS playback.
  6. Just fire the request for HDS or HLS playlist for the live stream access and wow Here’s the stream for you.

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