FMS – video-on demand on iOS devices

Through recently introduced HLS packaging of the content in FMS 4.5, you can not only stream live streams, but video on demand on the iOS devices. What you have to take care is “Encode your video as per Apple’s specification for the iOS playback.”

Apache shipped with FMS 4.5 comes up with the modules that can stream your video-on demand on the iOS devices. FMS also offers you various nice-to-have configurations to you to decide how to manage the caches, number of requests on the server, latency etc..

How to actually set the game:

1. Place your video at any location inside webroot/vod . say at webroot/vod/your-video-path-with-filename.ext
2. Start Apache service, if not already started.
3. Open safari browser, place the URL for playlist file as http://server-name:port/hls-vod/your-video-path-with-filename.ext.m3u8
4. Watch and enjoy your Video..
5. Remember to share the playlist URL with your friends, to let them know the power of FMS you have šŸ™‚


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  1. Is there a way to stream H264 video to an AIR for IOS app, rather than play through Safari on IOS ?

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