Some basic step to troubleshoot for HLS live-streaming

Once your set-up is done and for some of your HLS live-stream, you find that it is not playing.. what to do?.. Here I present some of the basic steps to diagnose problem in the pipeline..

1. Check that your encoder has correct codec profile mentioned as per docs.

2. Check that your stream is being recorded inside, <your-streams-dir>/<instance-name>/<event-name> and its growing.. By default <your-stream-directory> is <application-dir>/livepkgr/streams. By default instance-name is _definst_. In case, you have connected to “livepkgr/myinstance”, instance name will be “myinstance”

3. Check your Apache is running fine and a simple Http request from any web browser is logged in the apache’s access log. You may try to access the index.html as http://<server&gt;:8134/index.html

4. Place a request for the m3u8 from any web browser’s address bar. It won’t play it, but should be able to serve you the m3u8 as text file.If not

4.a Check inside Apache’s module folder.. you have placed. Check httpd.conf, you have “LoadModule hlshttp_module modules/” enable.

4.b Check your hls-live specific settings inside the httpd.conf

4.b Check the access logs/error logs inside <Apache>/<logs> folder.

5. Play the m3u8 url from the ios-device and check the access logs/error logs inside <Apache>/<logs> folder. Be sure that your browser or player supports playing HLS stream. Refer specs for that.


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