DVR and disk management for HDS and HLS

Flash media server 4.5 provides you flexibility to control and manage the HTTP dymanic streaming content storage for the livestream. This helps one to go for 24X7 livestream by just keeping the required window of the content onto the disk and thus not flooding the it unnecessarily.

DVR can thus be actually limited to the content stored on to the disk. However, HLS and HDS both comes up with their own configurations to dictate respective player for the length of seekbar to be enabled for the DVR, but disk management provides a greater control to the central-adminstrator to overall limit the availibility of the content either at the application level or event level.

For the purpose, one can set the DiskManagementDuration. FMS ensure that any segments not having any fragment representing time within this duration with respect to the current time, are deleted off. This ofcourse require HDS recording be segmented into multiple segments.

In such a case, DVR length should be under (DiskManagementDuration – SegmentDuration).  That means DVRInfo tag inside manifest.xml and HLSSlidingWindow inside httpd.conf/Applicationxml/Event.xml which dictates the seekbar length to the respective clients (HDS and HLS clients), should follow this rule.


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